[GOONGBE] Soothing Powder 25g

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Powder to help with skin care from sweat and moisture
Dermatologically Tested
Soft-protected powder It treats sensitive skin with sweat or moisture It's pure powder. 
Contains vegetable starch Containing vegetable starch made from rice and corn It's powder. 
A sedative effect Panthenol The added ingredients help soothe the skin. 
Compact type that is easy to carry Compact type makes it easy to grind and  carry.


After a bath, I dried up completely. 
Retractable skin such as armpits, hips, arms and legs 
Tap the area with a soft puff 
Please put it on. 

Tip-If a puff is contaminated, replace it with a built-in pur or wash it with a neutral detergent Please use it. 
When changing diapers, use with GOONGBE Diaper cream. Even better. 

Each person may have different effects.
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