[GROWUS] Recover Therapy No Wash Treatment Light 250ml

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  • It is a no-wash treatment light product for dry hair without strength with a fresh, non-sticky daily moisture treatment.
  • It is recommended for hair that is easily oily and brittle due to excessive secretion of oil, dry and brittle hair, and thin and frizzy hair.
  • Even if you use it on dry hair, you can make your hair moist and soft with a refreshing moisture treatment that does not have to worry about matting.
  • It is not a heavy oil or silicone type, but a light and moist moisture essence, so you can freely use it on your hair as well as your scalp even if you apply it multiple times. It is possible to take care of both the scalp and hair by just spraying it daily.
  • The growus Recover Therapy No Wash Treatment Light is a functional cosmetic for relieving hair loss symptoms reported to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) and helps to alleviate hair loss symptoms. It is recommended for normal or oily scalps, dry and thin normal damaged hair, and it has hair moisture and volume care effects.

1. Use it like an essence on dry or wet hair.
2. Pat it down with the palm of your hand for better absorption.
For wet hair, tt is recommended to spray 1-2 times on short hair and 3-4 times for long hair.
This product must be used after opening the fixing lever before use. After turning the pump lever to the left, lower it down and use the product in the OPEN state. It can be conveniently turned ON-OFF as needed.

Each person may have different effects.
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