[HATHERINE] Perfect Oil Control Paper 70EA 2 Sets

$12.50 $30.00

  • With the special double flax coating technology, not only strong adsorption, but also oil does not come out on the outer surface of the oil paper. Embarrassing situation OUT with manners that do not show greasiness to the other party!
  • It is a product that can remove sebum and shine from the entire face in one sheet. High-quality hemp paper with excellent absorbency is coated with an absorbent powder that traps sebum and sweat to remove even sebum hidden in the pores.
  • Increases sebum absorption with natural flax ingredients! The natural flax component has been double-processed to upgrade oil adsorption.
  • One sheet is OK!! High-quality hemp paper with excellent absorbency can control sebum and shine all over the face with just one sheet. Fluffy all day long with mud powder formulation's stronger sebum adsorption!
  • Prevents makeup from being erased! It removes only the oil from the skin so that makeup doesn't slip.

Press the 'bright side' of the paper onto the required area.

Each person may have different effects.
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