[Healing Bird] Ultra Protein Before Shampoo First Hair Pack 330ml

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  • This hair pack product, the home clinic solution before shampoo, is the new routine for caring for damaged hair. It make salon care possible even at home. The foamy product makes easy care possible.
  • Recommended for people with tangled and damaged hair that can't be shampooed, thin and floppy hair strands, hair that needs to be brushed before shampooing, hair damaged from frequent dyeing, bleaching, and perms, bleached hair, or dyed hair.
  • It provides hair salon clinic level care quickly and easily at home.
  • It can be used without worrying about tangles or hair damage, as it recharges protein before shampooing, and can reduce the time spent waiting in the shower after applying hair packs.
  • The product comes out as foam, making easy care possible by applying it evenly.

Apply an appropriate amount to your dry hair before shampooing. Then, start with your shampooing without having to rinse it off.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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dorine f.
Good hair product

Good hair product! Use it with their spray as well.

This saved my hair.

This saved my hair. I would always get that matted neck dread with my hair. After using this it significantly became less tangled. Even after I cut my hair short it helps keep my hair smooth and strong. After shampooing my hair shaker still feels silky while my roots got a nice cleanse. I don’t know if using it every single day is good since it does contain protein but for people with bleached/dyed, damaged and permed hair I would highly recommend. It pumps out as a foam so it’s easy to spread with long hair

Valat A.

Love the packaging looks so expensive in my bathroom lol. I thought I’ve using alot bc everytime i used it i have to pump it several times. But as u can see I’ve only used a little. This does make my hair feels softer!!