[Heart Percent] Dote On Mood Dewy Melting Lipstick (6 Colors) 1.7g

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[DESCRIPTION] heartpercent

  • The ultimate clear glossy lip product with minimized stickiness and maximized glow lasting. Consists of daily moisturizing colors for both warm and cool-toned skin types.
  • Long-lasting pretty glow of clear color that provides slight plumping effect. Dewy melting lipstick that melts as soon as touching on lips for clear colors. Clean and clear high-glowing product. Provides next-level clear glow that you have never seen before. The stick-type product provides glossy and clear lips as if glazed.
  • Specially designed slim dial container for convenient control of glow and soft melting texture. It allows raising the content by 1mm at a time.
  • Dewy melting lipstick complete with the most appropriate blending of moisture and oil for hydration care and long-lasting dewy finish. Contains botanical oil for special moisturizing care.
  • The moisture holding system creates a moisture coating layer for moisturizing lip care and enhancing glow-lasting effect on lip surface.

01 Dewy Glow: Recommended for all skin tones. Provides a perfect volumizing effect through layering on different colors along with clear pink dewy glow.
02 Lively Pink: Cool pink rose complete with vitalizing dewy glow especially recommended for cool-toned skin type.
03 Like Caramel: Nudie caramel beige shade recommended for neutral and medium-toned skin type.
04 Rosy Fig: Fig rosy MLBB shade recommended for warm-toned skin type.
05 Mauve Dew: Rosy mauve with a hint of dew recommended for cool-toned skin type.

Apply from inner to outer area of the lips.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Nadia N.
#02 Lively Pink

The color is pretty and it lasts well.

#03 Like Caramel

Heart Percent really is that girl. As a lip makeup enthusiast, if you're looking for that dewy glow with a hint of color on a warm-colored lip, this is it. The caramel color isn't too prominent and it's just enough to give it a hint of color that complements the colder weather. It stays glossy (but need to reapply after eating) and it's not too sticky.