[HERA] Sensual Nude Balm (7 Colors) 3.5g

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  • Excellent moisturizing effect : Moisturizing power that lasts for 30 hours. Contains moisturizing ingredients such as evening primrose oil and phytosterol. With a high content of ceramide (10,000ppm) that strengthens the skin barrier, keep your lips comfortable until the next day!
  • Clean formula that is comfortable on the lips : 8 FREE of animal ingredients, mineral oil, etc. Contains plant-derived wax. Use of plant-derived fragrance ingredients that do not contain artificial fragrances. Natural origin index 88~94%
  • Glass bead color that adheres to the lips : The clear and firm color is in harmony with the natural light of the lips, enabling a unique color that is difficult to find in lip balms. 8 hours color lasting.
  • A wearable color that suits everyone comfortably.

#94 SWING : Vibrant lilac pink with a refreshing color
#101 JALAPENO : Colorless bare pink that creates a plumping makeup look with a refreshing cooling sensation
#112 BORN FREE : Natural pink that is naturally tinted and gives complexion
#174 MUTE PINK : Subtle MLBB pink that blends naturally with bare skin
#279 MOODY : Clear color orange coral
#356 TEMPTING RED : Clear and transparent daily red that brightens the face
#429 NAKED ALMOND : Orange brown like lightly tanned almonds

As you normally apply lip balm, repeat 2-3 times to moisturize.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Nhi L.

The color is good and I like that the color doesn't darken even after several coats.


The moisturizing and texture of this product are really great! I was worried that the color payoff might not be good, but it actually applies well. It looks very natural on bare skin, and the color is not too overwhelming, but rather gives a nice healthy glow.

Larissa R.M.
very nice service

the item was good