[HERA] Sensual Nude Gloss (4 Colors) 5g

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  • A volume makeup lip gloss that creates atmospheric lips with a gloss that adheres smoothly.

  • Clear and lustrous gloss : Creates a plumping makeup look with a radiant gloss, giving clear and plump lips.

  • Comfortable and soft application : Less stickiness and higher adhesion!

  • Contains moisturizing ingredients such as evening primrose oil and phytosterol. Use of plant-derived fragrances.

  • Subdued color regardless of tone and transparent formulation that reflects the natural color of the lips, providing a moody and mysterious atmosphere.

#132 HUSH : Vibrant raspberry pink that brightens the complexion
#422 LINGERIE : Tone-down muted pink that creates a natural atmosphere
#432 NO HUSTLE : Neutral Salmon Beige that looks like natural lips but more subtle and deep.
#462 SPEECHLESS : Beige brown with a soft color reminiscent of milk tea

Take the content with the built-in nude gloss tip and apply from the center of the lips outwards. It is a non-sticky, soft, adherent tip that enhances satisfaction.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Perfect peachy pink color. Matte finish that is long lasting. Soft wide applicator

132 HUSH

Like the nude pink color. Very Mat and smooth

Beautiful Color!

Such a beautiful gloss! I love wearing this either alone, because it gives a nice subtle hint of color and shine. Or I will pair with a lipstick!

Another O.
Lovely Gloss That Feels as Good as it Looks!

Oh, I absolutely love these glosses! They are the perfect combination of moisturizing, glossy, colorful, and sheer. I don’t smell any particular scent, and there’s not a distinctive taste, but it does feel slightly cooling. Normally, I hate that, but these glosses do not irritate my lips at all, so I don’t know if there’s actually an ingredient in there with a cooling purpose, or if it’s just me, and it feels cooling to me. Either way, I really like it and I’m very happy that it doesn’t cause me any irritation! I would say the wear time is average, but it’s a gloss, so that’s to be expected. I would put the thickness of the gloss itself somewhere between an NYC butter gloss and a Mac lip glass. It’s not too thin and it’s not too thick, it really is just about the perfect consistency. I like the size of the tube because it’s very easy to put even in a small bag. I particularly love these for the summer, because you can throw them in your pocket or in your purse and you don’t have to worry about the melting. I will definitely be wearing these year-round though, because they just look great! I will be purchasing more of these in different colors!

Cute color and cute packaging

I purchased a light pink color as I've started to play with different colors or lipstick.
I layered this over a different brand. The color was creamy, but a touch
almost translucent when applied.
It kept my lips feeling moist. Maybe a touch tacky, but I did have 2 layers of lipstick on.
I took away a star for the tackiness, but it's a liquid lipstick, so I think that's to be expected a little bit.
Cute packaging too!