[HERA] UV Protector Multi-Defense Fresh SPF 50+ PA++++ 50ml

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  • Moisturizing sunscreen with a ‘light-fit’ formula that adheres thinly to provide moist skin without stickiness : It applies smoothly and evenly and adheres thinly as if coated with moisture to create an ideal skin base.
  • Strong protection, gentle on my skin Hypoallergenic safe formula sunscreen : The 5-Defense System's reliable protection protects the skin from UV rays as well as the harmful environment of the city. Hypoallergenic safe formula that is safe for daily use and sensitive skin. (Sensitive skin 1st irritation test completed. Hypo-allergenic test completed. 'Easy Wash' formula that washes well with the 1st face wash.)
  • Skin care sunscreen that gets better the more you apply it : Moisture replenishment + lock keeps your skin moisturized for a long time. It soothes sensitive skin from UV rays and harmful urban environment. Provides anti-aging care that restores skin elasticity lost from ultraviolet rays and infrared rays.

In the morning, at the last step of basic care, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly over the entire face following the skin texture.
In particular, apply the product in a light tapping motion on the forehead, bridge of the nose, and cheekbones, which are exposed to a lot of sunlight.
Be careful not to get it in your eyes when applying, and after using the product, clean the mouth of the tube, seal it completely with a cap, and store it at room temperature.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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I'm so glad I found the sunscreen I was looking for! Will be repurchasing.

Nadine G.

I have dry skin and it seems to be perfect for the hot season.
It seems to have good UV protection and feels moisturizing without being too heavy, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth.
I bought and tried it as soon as it was released, and I ordered more to keep using it throughout the summer!

Multi-defense fresh

I immediately bought the new product from Hera when I heard it was released! I have tried several sunscreens from Hera before, and this one is also satisfying 🤗 How can they create such a good sunscreen with such great adherence...? I was really surprised that it completely adheres to the skin without feeling stuffy at all. Also, the texture of the sunscreen is so moist and feels like I applied essence. If you want a light and moisturizing product like lotion, I strongly recommend this product👍