[HERA] UV Protector Tone-Up SPF 50+ PA++++ 50ml

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The first step to glowing skin : Tone-up sun cream that offers definite protection and creates a healthy bright complexion.
  • 0.00 skin response to irritation : Mild UV, powerful against UV rays and harmful environments and yet works gently on the skin.
  • ‘Vitality’ tone-up sun cream to create bright and healthy skin. : Fluid-like cream with a texture that gets applied to the skin smoothly to naturally improve the skin tone and create even-toned, bright glowing skin without any white cast.
  • A sun cream that offers 5 strong layers of skin protection through the 5-Defense System. : UVA, UVB, blue light, PM2.5 and IR. Strong protection from UV rays and the harmful environment of the city.
  • Sun cream to bring glow back to skin that has become irritated by UV rays. : MelasolvTM, Amorepacific’s original brightening ingredient, suppresses melanogenesis and brings back the skin’s natural radiance.

At the last step of skincare in the morning, evenly apply an appropriate amount on the entire face in the direction of skin texture. In particular, apply thoroughly on areas that get more sunlight such as forehead, nose bridge, and cheekbone areas. While applying on the face, take care not to get content into the eyes. After using the product, wipe the opening of the tube clean, close tightly with the cap, and store at room temperature.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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When Hera Tone Up Sun Cream is applied to the face, it turns pink and makes the face very bright. That's why when you apply foundation, it seems to be more beautiful and beautiful. It also serves as a sunscreen for sure. The color of the tube is also beautiful as if it is gradually dyed pink.

Christina K.

This is really the best!!!! It doesn't make my skin look greasy, has excellent UV protection, provides moisture, and naturally brightens my skin. I think it's the best item that can make my skin look clean without much effort. Many people around me also use this product a lot. I think they really make good sunscreens.


I was wondering which product to use after finishing the sunscreen I was using, and I decided to purchase this one. I will try to use it well this summer. Thank you!

Mirlinda B.

I love the product because it goes on smoothly and, most importantly, has a natural tone-up effect. It's great to use alone or as a makeup base. 🤗

Natalia P.
Great brightening sunscreen!

This is my first time using a tone-up sunscreen, and I'm pleasantly surprised. The sunscreen doesn't feel heavy or greasy on my dry skin. Leaves the skin a bit tacky after application, so I'd recommend this for those with dry/normal skin, might feel a bit heavy for acne-prone/oily. Overall, I would definitely recommend this sunscreen to whoever is looking to try out a tone-up sunscreen!