[hince] Second Skin Glow Cushion SPF 50+ PA++++ (4 Colors) 12g

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  • Semi-glow finish cushion with a lightweight formula that effortlessly blends to illuminate the skin with a soft glow that resembles a pearl
  • Silky soft luminosity #PearlyGlow : Pearlescent glow that illuminates the skin from every angle, every light. Refractive emollient maximizes the reflection of light for a visible glass-like sheen.
  • Light as a feather, all-day comfort #WeightlessFit : 62% of the formula is filled with moisturizing essence. The moisture particle and the active ingredient deliver refreshing moisture to the skin. Fixative Polymer collects the active and moisturizing ingredients to create a thin layer on the skin that prevents the moisture from escaping for a seamless, long-wear finish. Active ingredients contained in Iris protect the skin and deliver deeply hydrating moisture.
  • Cake-free, airbrush coverage #SlimCover : Cover up all the bumps and imperfections with detailed and natural coverage. Moisture-coated fine powder evens out the skin texture for a cake-free, no-clogging airbrush finish. 4-layer structure with fitting film inside that minimizes the product absorption for a thin and fit application to give a dewy glow, even coverage, and adherence.
  • Concept Design : The blend of oblique lines and curves creates a soft and refined harmony of signature hince modern aesthetic in your everyday life.
  • Long-lasting youth and glow #MyShade : Reflects my skin tone underneath through the thin layer and seamlessly blends into my complexion for a natural brightness without oxidizing.

Apply an appropriate amount to the skin as if tapping.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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21 Ivory

Non-drying and makes skin look so good.

17 Porcelain

I was worried about this cushion since there are so many negative reviews out there, but I think it is a okay cushion so far. I at least think it’s more moist than Clio kill cover mesh glow cushion. I don’t feel dryness after using this one.

21 Ivory

I have dry/combination skin and this cushion foundation is my holy grail for natural, low to medium coverage. It has a natural semi-glowy finish. I usually wear shade 23, but found that shade 21 of this product is actually a good match for me.


WOW just wow!! I wore this foundation the other day for 14 hours and it looked so good after the wear and tear of the day! The shine eventually wore down and like the other hince cushion settled a little in my smile lines but that is to be expected with extended ware, plus I smile a lot. I am in love with the matte hince cushion and had been eyeing this one up since it is winter right now. I have no regrets. Awesome cushion. I am an official fan of hince!

17 Porcelain

I've used a lot of these and I really like Hince Glow Cushion!
Hince cushion gives just the right pearly glow and makes your skin look so pretty!