[ifnery] Leeds Turn Collagen Multi Balm 10g*2EA

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  • Collagen From Vegetable: Our special Vegan collagen is made of binding together the protein formula and fibers of vegetables.This vegan collagen provides a functional equivalent similar to animal collagen.
  • Ifnery Collagen Balm instantly boosts face, body, hair moisture levels and helps prevent further moisture loss. Recommended for those who want to be brightened the skin tone with moisturizing.
  • Natural Ingredients: Ifnery Balm is absorbed quickly on the skin. Our special formula – Elastin Complex Collagen with Blackberry Leaf, Ferment Filtrate of Black Tea, Glasswort, Rose of Jericho extract.
  • Easy to Use & Portable: Get moisturized at anytime, anywhere! With portable size of 0.35 oz., it can be carried in your pocket or purse. Ifnery Balm can be re-applied throughout the day.
  • Dermatologist-Tested: Ifnery Leeds Turn Collagen Multi Balm has been tested by dermatologists and is Hypoallergenic product. Mild formula helps soothe and keep moisture level balanced.


1. After opening the cap, turn the top of the container.
2. Spread an appropriate amount of content around your eyes, mouth, smile lines, etc. in dry or wrinkled areas.

Each person may have different effects.
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This product is amazing! I was getting dry patches on my face so I used this in those places, no more dry patches. I also use it on my lips and haven’t had dry lips all winter. I love this stick and will definitely purchase again.