[ILLIYOON] Ceramide Ato Concentrate Cream 200ml

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  • REVOLUTIONARY MULTI-CERAMIDE COMPLEX: Our innovative formula features plant-sourced Ceramides, structurally akin to those your skin naturally. Its multi-molecular phytoceramide blend, which effectively achieves a more intricate and comprehensive reinforcement of the skin barrier, leads to a significantly stronger defense system against irritants.

  • ALL-AGE SOLUTION FOR HEALTHY SKIN: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, ILLIYOON ensures safe use for all family, even for babies. It encapsulates a meticulously balanced fusion of Ceramides, Fatty acids, and Cholesterol—three bio-identical components of your skin's natural moisture barrier.Also, low pH formula ensures that these vital nutrients fortify your skin without triggering irritations and leavE the skin feeling soothed and resilient.

  • UNPARALLELED HYDRATION DURABILITY: Its ultra-hydrating formula that guarantees an astounding 100-hour moisture retention window. Immediate application results show an impressive 328% surge in hydration, with sustained moisture levels of +85% after 72 hours, and a remarkable +57% even after 100 hours, locking in essential moisture that endows your skin with lasting softness and plumpness.

  • EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE OF SKIN COMFORT: It's a clinically validated skincare therapy that reduces skin sensitivity by an outstanding -41%, and effectively alleviates discomforts like irritation (-50%), redness and flushing (-45%), and itchy sensations (-26%). Regular use substantially minimizes flakiness and dead skin cells by a notable -51%, bestowing your skin with a visibly smoother, softer, and more even-toned appearance.

  • ACCELERATED SKIN BARRIER RESTORATION: Observe the transformative healing power of our-action Ceramide cream, achieving an exceptional 91% recovery of the skin's protective barrier in a mere three days. Initial recovery rates soar at +83% within just the first hour, charting a path toward fully restored skin resilience with continued use.


Apply a sufficient amount to areas that need intensive care, such as dry face, arms, and legs. Especially on dry and sensitive areas, apply the cream frequently after applying Illiyoon Ceramide Ato Lotion for better results.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Iris M.

Tot nu toe is deze vochtinbrengende crème effectief gebleken bij het voorkomen van uitdroging van de huid. Het laat me helemaal niet vettig achter en ik hoef de hele dag niet opnieuw aan te brengen. Het is een geweldige eerste laag vochtinbrengende crème als je er ook een lichaamsolie of bodyboter overheen wilt gebruiken. Over het algemeen is mijn huid niet gevoelig, maar ik behandel het wel als zodanig. Voor de gevoelige delen van mijn huid heeft dit goed gepresteerd en irriteert het mijn huid niet. Er is een zeer, zeer milde "geur" ​​(dit product heeft geen toegevoegde geur) die mij niet onaangenaam is en ik merkte het pas bij het eerste gebruik. Ik zou dit opnieuw kopen.


Perfect for dry skin kind of reminds me of vani cream but better ingredients and actives. Thick cream and very moisturizing on my face plus you can use all over your body. If you are oily this may be too heavy for you.

Reebu b.

This is great for after a procedure or retinols. It’s thick but soaks in well. Love it after tretinoin- really helps keep the dryness and flakes at bay!


I am in love with this product. It is insanely moisturizing. You can compare this product to any high end product and the results will be the same. I already bought one for my niece to try. This product was recommended by a dermatologist. She was spot on!


I’m so glad this product made its way into my routine! I use it nightly. It is thick but not sticky and doesn’t leave residue or feel after. It’s incredibly moisturizing and I have noticed results with fine lines and wrinkles. I appreciate the neutral smell.