[ilso] Natural Mild Clear Nose Pack

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  • It is possible to gently manage blackheads by dissolving blackheads with the ilso Nose Pack. It can be easily managed at home with ilso Nose Pack. By soaking up sebum and wastes without tearing them off, you can conveniently and effectively manage them at home without going to a dermatologist or a clinic.
  • It is made of bio-cellulose fabric and has an ultra-fine net structure with excellent adhesion, so it adheres seamlessly. It contains a patented ingredient (Patent No. 10-1497191) that is excellent for removing blackheads and sebum, and powerfully removes sebum and wastes. It is a product that melts blackheads and sebum to expel sebum, consolidating pores and calming them.
  • By completing the skin primary stimulation test, you can care for mild pores with dead skin care and moisturizing effects. It is a custom-designed product that has been researched to ensure a meticulous fit across the entire nose by designing the incision lines.
  • Those who want to remove blackheads without irritation, those who want to remove whiteheads without irritation, those who have a lot of trouble with sebum in the nose sebum and T zone, those who want to manage blackheads, whiteheads, and pores all at once, to calm down after removing sebum This product is suitable for those who want to be managed all at once.
  • The first fabric material is bio-cellulose, and the second fabric material is spun lace.


  • STEP 1. After cleansing, place STEP 1 on concerned areas with blackheads or excess sebum. Remove the sheet in 10-15 minutes later and rub off the blackheads or sebum with cotton swabs. Finish the care with rinsing with lukewarm water. STEP 1 sheet is comprised of three layers. Attach the middle sheet to your skin after removing the film.
  • STEP 2. Apply STEP 2 T-shaped sheet to the purified zone and take it off in 15-20 minutes later. Pat the remaining essencce into the skin. Use once or twice a week, depending on your skin condition. Applicable to other areas with blackheads (chin, forehead, etc.).

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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It got rid of some of my blackheads but not much.


Did I see much difference in my nose pores? Not really, but those things rarely change so I truly didn't expect that much. But I see what they were going for with the multi-step and the extraction tools, you'll probably get the few large stubborn blackheads out (they WILL return though of course, that's just how sebum works) depending on your determination.


tenía puntos negros en la nariz, decídi probarlo por las reseñas y me gustó un montón, me sacó los pocos puntos negros que tenía


I don't know how this works, but it works!!! I've used other nose clear packs in the future, but this one actually clears away those sebacious filaments and shrinks your pores after usage, so your nose gets less blackheads in the future. It's also non-irritating and didn't cause issues for my sensitive skin. The pack comes with several nose pads, so it's good for multiple uses. Highly recommend.

Amirah A.

I liked it so much and I bought it again.
You can remove blackheads in a gentle and non-irritating way.