[I'm from] Licorice Calming Cream 30ml

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  • It has an excellent effect on soothing sensitive skin and various skin troubles.
  • It is an exclusive soothing cream containing 100 million sensitis plants and flavonoids, which surely soothes sensitized skin due to irritation.
  • Moisture particles made of sensitive plant exosomes replenish moisture deep into the skin immediately after use, keeping the skin moist for 24 hours.
  • Non-comedogenic (suitable for acne-prone skin) test has been completed, so even acne-prone skin can be used safely.
  • Containing oil-soluble licorice extract derived from sensitive plant that has been certified for whitening function, it improves the traces of discoloration of the skin.

Apply an appropriate amount to the face in the morning and evening cream stages.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Mary O.

I'm going to try it because I heard on YouTube that it's good for soothing and is perfect for skin prone to breakouts!!

Adrian L.

My skin suddenly turned upside down, so I bought it as a soothing product and it seems to be okay.

Alexandra M.G.

It feels really light and refreshing, but it also moisturizes well, making it great to apply daily in the summer!!!

Deborah G.

Even if you use it now in the summer, it doesn't feel sticky and is great. It's nice that the traces have been erased. I feel like the traces are disappearing faster than before.

Polina S.

It's great to use in the summer, and the pigmentation is improved so my skin feels clearer.
It's full of moisture and doesn't stick out, so I highly recommend it as a cream before makeup.