[I'm from] Mugwort Mask 110g

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A wash-off mask containing 2.1% mugwort leaf powder from Ganghwa, Korea to soothe skin and relieve skin concerns. Enriched with other botanical extracts to treat skin problems and refine skin texture for clear and smooth skin.

With a highly concentrated gel texture that hugs the skin closely to provide deep hydration and leaves a refreshing finish. Dense gel network locks up the active ingredient of plant extract so that it keeps the nourishment. Also, mugwort powder cools down skin geat to give calmness.

Can be used as a daily routine as it does not cause irritation to skin. Safe for use as it contains no harmful additives.

After wash, apply mugwort mask on whole face avoiding eyes and lip area. After 5-10 mins, rinse off with warm water.

Each person may have different effects.
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