[IOPE] PDRN Caffeine Shot 30ml

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  • Inspired by the PDRN injectables popularized in Korea esthetic clinics, the PDRN Caffeine Shot Serum is an innovative cosmeceutical solution for visibly lifting and firming the skin. This combination of ingredients, including probiotics, niacinamide and Beta-Glucan, has been specially designed to achieve maximum lifting and contouring, all through a one-step serum.
  • IOPE’s plant-based, first of its kind Bio-PDRN boosts the skin in every way. Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) is typically derived of salmon, but IOPE’s 38% plant-based Bio-PDRN is powered by plants, making it vegan, bio-proven, and synergistically effective. Combined with 20,000 ppm of caffeine, this serum works hard to regenerate cells, for plump and healthy skin.
  • Developed for all skin types, its high quality concentration of ingredients deliver optimum lifting and firming power to every complexion. The pH level of this formula is 4.5~5.5 to ensure optimal potency and support skin health.

In the morning and evening after toning, apply 3-4 drops to a face.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Stacy W.
Seems to help in the morning

I have mainly used this in my morning routine, and it seems to help wake my face up! Very little scent and I have not noticed any side effects. My face does look more hydrated and fresh afterwards.

Sabrina C.

This brand, IOPE, has been part of K-beauty for a long time with good skincare products. This caffeine serum works well in reducing puffiness and helping to make you look awake. However, for the price of $55, it's a pretty hefty price tag, especially with so many other caffeine serums that works just as well at a 3rd of the price. This product works but I took a star off for the price.


I was fortunate enough to order this serum during Ballagrio's Christmas sale & I'm so glad that I did bc it is fantastic! The IOPE PDRN Caffeine Shot has a thicker consistency but it absorbs pretty quickly & doesn't leave skin feeling tacky. I love how this reduces puffiness, especially around my eyes, making my face look refreshed & well rested. I've also been applying this serum during microneedling sessions, which really has a noticeable lifting & firming effect on my skin. Highly recommended.

Shi Z.
🤩 Great serum that tightens the face and reduces puffiness!

I use a lot of serums and most are wonderful at hydrating my face. This one does that, but also something different. It tightens my face! In the morning, I will sometimes get the puffy, tired looking face. After applying this serum, I notice the puffiness isn’t quite as noticeable and my face looks more taut, especially under the chin. I love using this for a quick me up when I need to look more refreshed!

Donna M.
a nice serum

The Caffeine Shot Face Serum is an anti-aging and hydrating serum. The bottle size is about 1oz (30ml). The texture is gel-like, and the scent is acceptable. It is easy to apply and to be absorbed. No skin irritation was noticed after. No sticky feeling on the skin.