[ISNTREE] Yam Root Vegan Milk Cleanser 220ml

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A cleanser that makes your skin smooth mildly
A mild vegan milk cleanser with SAndong yam extract gently dissolves makeup and impurities without leaving the skin feeling stripped.

  • It helps remove skin wastes in your pores thoroughly without irritation and your skin absorbs the ingredients of the cleanser. Forms a dense moisture barrier of the skin.
  • As Yam root grows in well-drained sandy loam soil, it has a high moisture storage capacity.
  • Also, it has a high percentage of mucin, which helps moisturize the skin without leaving damage to the skin barrier.
  • Vegan Milk Cleanser : It contains 100% of plant-derived ingredients. The vegan milk complex is made with rice, almond, oat, bean, and coconut.

Massage gently onto the dry skin with milk cleanser in the opposite direction to your skin texture until the makeup and impurities melt, add more water and continue to massage. Rinse thoroughly with warm water or wipe with cotton pads.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Carolin O.

A very good gentle cleaser, suited for try skin.
I like to use it in the morning or as a second step cleanser.