[ISOI] Moisture Dr. Cream 70ml

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No more separate care for barrier, moisture and soothing!
True moisturizing only when all three are resolved!
Now even if I put on one
Choose products that are well cared for

- Even if you make one properly, strict ingredient standards
- The know-how of natural ingredients that most closely resembles the skin
- Spare precious raw materials, prioritize effect
- Strengthen skin fundamentals, strengthen skin stamina

Wait, this house and that house are all the same ceramides?
No, No! fatty acids combined with ceramides
Long and varied
It can help strengthen the skin barrier

Tightly hold the three barrier moisture soothing ingredients to make the skin strong from the root! Experience skin that changes every day

Moisturizing encounter that lasts for 100 hours and improves inner moisture! 5 types of hyaluronic acid and tea tree ceramide fills it up and protects it until the end.

Now you need Jangsujin Cream!
- Those who want a mild moisturizing cream
- Improvement of inner moisture that cannot be solved by applying anything
- Those who are looking for a non-sticky fresh moisturizing cream
- When makeup is loose and crumbly
- Those who want to find the natural health of the skin

[How to use]
In the step of using the cream, take an appropriate amount and gently absorb it on the face and neck.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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A product that provides a deep moisturizing feeling. Highly recommended.


It's light and absorbs well, so I think it'll be useful in the summer.


It’s my favorite cream ! I’ve been using it for 3 years


My blemishes disappeared a lot after using this

Elegant green glass jar

holds a pleasant cream. It's thick and viscous, yet the texture is silky, and it feels cool and wet on your skin. It seems to stay wet for awhile and takes some time to absorb, so a little goes a long way and you can really work it in. Feels nice on my face but even after wiping the excess from my hands, I can feel that some residue was left behind and have to give my fingers a rinse. Annoying, but everything else about it is great so it hasn't really bothered me too much.
Also it's got a very slight fruity scent; so slight that it's almost odorless.