[JSOOP] Purple J Waterpack Original 200g

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  • Protecting hair from heat damage : Nutrition is provided as a natural moisturizing ingredient that is activated by heat.
  • A hair pack that does not wash : A new concept hair pack that is absorbed without any residue left in the hair and is not washed away.
  • Improving hair tip splits and cuticles : Effectively nourish damaged hair
  • Definite care with a mixture of 5 types of protein : Concentrated supply of protein, an essential component of hair.

01. After shampooing, put the product on your palm and spread it out.
02. Apply evenly to wet, towel-dry hair.
03. Use a hot air balloon to dry.

TIP 01 This product contains a lot of protein, so just use the right amount to fit your hair length!
TIP 02 If you dry your hair after using a water pack and use high temperature hair products such as curlers and hair dryers, it is more effective in nourishing and protecting your hair.
TIP 03 It's a protein formulation, so you have to store it at room temperature to use it conveniently because it doesn't harden.

(*There is a risk of the tube bursting when the water pack made of protein is filled, so it is made with extra space. Please use it with confidence as it is the right amount.)

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Aleksandra B.
softer hair

I am writing a review after using it once. First of all, you can feel the natural scent and softer hair compared to other hair packs.

app o.
Very good

I can't do my hair without this.
Very good
This is a product I have been using for several years.


I ordered it based on a friend's recommendation.
It felt softer after treatment than when I applied it with just shampoo. It's better than other products