[KAHI] Balm 3 Set (Multi Balm 9g + Extin C Balm 9g + UV Aqua Balm 9g)

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KAHI Brand is very well known in South Korea and is used by many celebrities. In the 3 months of launch, they have sold 300,000 units of this Wrinkle Balm. Every second 3 lip balms are sold in Korea.

Multi Balm
- Frequent care for the look of lines, wrinkles, crow's feet lines, '11' lines between brows, under eye lines, and puffy eyes are essential.
- Apply simply with KAHI MULTI BALM! See wrinkle improvement with only one time use, quickly making it your favorite.
- Immediate and natural glow effect : Fermented oil from Jeju Island is absorbed quickly to skin and reduces the loss of moisture.
- Anytime, Anywhere EASY TO CARRY

Extin C Balm
- 26% of British Vitamin C : Applying vitamin C directly to the skin absorbs 20 times more than eating. EXTIN C BALM has a small molecular weight, and it is absorbed into the skin faster.
- 3 Step Melanin Care : The freckles spread to about 36 neighboring dead skin cells by one melanin and gradually spread to the skin. From visible freckles and blemishes to hidden freckles deep in the skin, feel 7 changes in skin with 3 step melanin care! (Step 1 Protect against melanin stimulation - Step 2 Control melanin production - Step 3 Prevent melanin expansion)
- No more vitamin C that you put on your hands every time you apply it. Use EXTIN C BALM stick as it is. Compact size in one hand can be quickly managed anytime, anywhere.

UV Aqua Balm SPF 50+ PA++++
- Treat your skin simply even in outdoor environment. Aqua Balm helps fight UV damage to elastin and nourish your skin.
- UVA/UVB broad spectrum defense with SPF 50+ and wrinkles/brightening care together.
- Compact and easy to apply anytime, anywhere.


  • Multi Balm : Apply it evenly on dry areas to keep your skin moisturized. Apply it on dry lips to keep your lips moisturized. Apply it once, instantly make your skin naturally radiant. Apply it on split ends of hair as a damage care. (* Temperature changes around the balm can cause 'sweating' in the surface of the balm, with no quality issues.)
  • Extin C Balm : Turn the stick around to raise an appropriate amount and apply it gently to the concerned area as if massaging it. It is recommended to use on the C zone area. It's not sticky and light, so it's okay to apply it over other cosmetics.
  • UV Aqua Balm : Apply every 3-4 hours to defense UV rays.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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I like the composition. They all have different effects, so it’s best to use them according to your skin condition.

by e.

I use it after washing my face in the evening and applying toner. It's convenient and great because it's stick-type. Moist. It's easy to carry and seems to be useful. I will use up all of them and continue to buy them.


I bought it as a gift for my mom. The packaging is pretty so it makes a great gift. Since this is a product that has been used continuously, the effectiveness is guaranteed.

Love them

Easy to apply, very moisturizing, stays on for a long time, & very practical can take anywhere.

Great Product!

Really good product! I've purchased this product for my mom and she loves it! It works perfectly for her skin and provides extra moisturising effect.