[Kim Jeong Moon Aloe] Cure Plus Cream (1+1) 80g*2EA

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  • Cure Plus Cream is a cream used by the whole family, from children to adults.
  • It is a multi-balm cream that can be used all over the body from face to body.
  • Aloe leaf extract soothes irritated skin and supplies vitality to the skin.

Clean the skin of the desired area. (Used area : whole body can be used)
Apply to skin and massage regularly.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Jim K.

Yes it works for many purpose, foot and skin

Tatiana L.

I really like this moisture cream. I use it before bed time under my eyes. My husband says I look different in the morning. I would recommend it. The texture is a little heavy. I wouldn't use it in the morning right before going to work. It makes your face shiny. Other than that, it is a wonderful cosmetic product.


My skin is extremely sensitive. I tried various other products. But my face was always red. It was sad. Because I didn't like the dirty face. Not anymore. You can see my natural facial color. Because this product does not itch or sting. Because it’s always moist. This is my feeling and it seems to help with wrinkles. So I introduced it to several of my friends. Those friends also bought 3 of them. I will continue to purchase only Kim Jeong-moon aloe products.
I'm 60 years old, but people think I'm 50. It feels good.

Fabulous cream all day moisture

My skin is very dry and sagging and my sister recommended this cream I think its fabulous it does everything they claim.

Ray K.
Good product quality

Keep buying this product because of excellency of quality.