[KRAVE] Oil La La 45ml

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  • A watery oil serum that supports healthy sebum composition to soothe and prevent current or future breakouts. Ditch those drying, oil-free treatments that wreak havoc on your skin barrier and instead give it the oil treatment with Oil La La.
  • With a blend of linoleic-acid rich oils, peptides, and vitamins, this serum treats your breakouts and balances your lipid profile for clearer skin and days ahead.
  • Soothe, Calm, & Collected : Formulated with Shiunko Oil, Oil La La can clarify your skin while increasing hydration and improving your skin barrier so you and your skin can tough it out when the breakouts come.
  • Balancing Act : Acne-causing sebum can be waxy, gloopy, and sticky due to the lack of linoleic acid in the sebum composition. Linoleic acid-rich Rosehip Oil balances your skin by making your sebum more fluid and less pore-clogging so there’s less breakouts and improvements with your acne scars.
  • PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free.

Apply serum before or mix it in to seal in moisture and soothe sensitized skin.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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New routine staple

The texture of this serum is so different than I'm use to but I'm here for it. It doesn't have added fragrance but smells a little fruity but it's faint. It's super light and watery but at the same time is very nourishing.


This is NOT a moisturizer in itself. It is a base serum applied *before* moisturizer. That said, I can generally time my menstrual cycle to breakout spots on my chin. It's been this way for years. I figured I'd give this a shot just for the sake of trying.
Color me surprised when I used this 2x and my breakout noticeably improved.


This serum seamlessly integrates into a skincare routine, leaving skin feeling nourished and balanced. Overall, a commendable product for anyone seeking a cruelty-free solution to breakouts and pore issues.

I Never Write Reviews But HAD To!

I have struggled with acne my entire life. I have used every acne medication under the sun. I bought this as a last resort and had little to no expectations that it would do anything. However, this product has COMPLETELY changed my skin! At the age of 34 I finally have clear, glowing skin!

Chloe H.

My skin has literally changed overnight!!! All of the inflammation has gone down, the irritation and redness is finally starting to go away and my cystic acne has noticeably shrunk immediately! I can’t wait for the next week with continued use of these products. Krave beauty has been a life saver more than once and I’m so grateful!!