[LABCLE] Peptide Cream Skin Moisturizing Toner 150ml

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  • Clear glowing skin completed with one toner. Moisturized and comfortable skin all day long with clinically proven 100-hour moisturizing power.
  • Anti-aging customized peptide born from 20 years of research by Hyundai Pharm. Peptides are proteins composed of amino acids that are most similar to the constituents of our skin and are naturally and completely absorbed by the skin.

Recommend For
1. Those who lack moisture with water toner
2. Those who need a highly nutritious, highly moisturizing toner
3. Those who need an anti-aging product that can be used on sensitive skin

1. After washing your face, take an appropriate amount on your hands in a dry state.
2. Tap to absorb from the inside.
3. If dry, use a cotton pad as a pack to help moisturize your skin.

Each person may have different effects.
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