[Lador] Hair Oil (3 Types) 80ml

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Customized hair oil, perfume grade fragrance, hair moisture supply, gloss
Those who want to choose customized products according to hair thickness and damage
Those who are worried about frizzy and dry hair
Those who want not only effects but also a subtle scent that lasts all day
Those who want fresh, moist hair oil without stickiness

#01 La pitta
  • Hair oil for thin and flying thin hair (light texture)
  • Moisturizes and provides a non-sticky finish to dry and frizzy hair.
  • Fresh and bittersweet eucalyptus and floral scent in soft coconut
  • It adds a sense of elegance to the atmosphere.
  • A fragrance with dual charm that feels sensual with the harmony of warm and cozy woody scent

#02 Hinoki
  • Hair oil that gently wraps around normal hair (silky feeling)
  • Soft application like velvet + silky finish without stickiness to maintain moisture in the hair
  • The deep, dark woody scent and the spicy scent of pepper add to a neutral mood.
  • A fragrance that feels comfortable in nature and the warmth of a temple by meeting warm amber and musk

#03 Osmanthus
  • For damaged hair, maintain perm hair curling (rich feeling)
  • Curling UP effect on dry and permed hair, cares for heavy, loose hair to be tangled and shiny
  • After the first touch of sweet fruity scents such as black currant and lemon
  • A vivid flower note felt in a field of flowers in full bloom is added.
  • Sensual sweet floral scent full of elegance and vitality

Apply evenly to hair or hair ends and let it absorb.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

SO WORTH IT. All you need is a couple of drops and apply it on damp hair. It’ll leave your hair silky smooth, shiny and smells good.

02 Hinoki

It was suggested to me to try this product and I really like that it is lightweight for my hair and that the smell is awesome.

01 La pitta

Love the fruity feminine scent. My ends have always been a little frizzy and I like how using this oil tames the frizz with a good fragrance that's not too overwhelming.

William H.
02 Hinoki

This oil is so awesome in so many ways. On freshly cleansed hair, dry hair before styling, smells wonderful as well. So glad I got this, a little is all you need to have it be efficient. Will be purchasing from now on

Great for curls

It smells nice not over powering but seems not to last long . It made my fine hair and curls very define ans soft! I am liking this product and will continue to use.