[LAGOM] Cellus Aqualane Solution 50ml

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  • COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION FOR ALL TYPES OF SKIN : An effective combination of moisturization and skin soothing as a comprehensive solution against everyday’s cumulative skin damages from stress, UV rays, harmful environmental factors and daily use of face masks which in all accelerate premature skin aging.
  • AQUATIDE : With its Nobel Prize winning recognition for its water retaining and anti-oxidative functions through Autophagy mechanism, Aquatide has proven to be an active ingredient to help against skin aging, inflammation and skin damages from pollutant, providing stronger and longer-lasting anti-oxidative efficacy than that of Vitamin C.
  • VEGETABLE SQUALANE : Plant-derived Squalane as an unsaturated hydrocarbon that extracts wastes and toxins upon entering skin, activates epidermal growth accelerators, removes harmful oxygen, and helps rejuvenate damaged skin cells.
  • AQUALICIA : Natural peptide extracted from Acacia tree fruit activates aquaporins as the water channels inside skin, by which hydrating ingredients that are beneficial to skin can be absorbed deep within to maintain moisture while forming a barrier to prevent moisture loss.
  • SQUALANE HYDRATION : Denser Squalane particles help effectively deliver all active ingredients into skin while instantly forming a hydrating layer over epidermis.

Smooth out along the skin texture after washing your face in the morning and evening. Take a suitable amount of Aqualane Solution with a dropper, apply it along the skin texture and tap lightly with your fingertips for absorption. Apply extra layer on concerned areas with dryness or wrinkles. You may mix it with cream at the essence stage or apply on top of the last skincare step.

Each person may have different effects.
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This serum is wonderful for my dry winter skin. It applies easily and absorbs quickly, and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated without feeling greasy.