[LAKA] Dreambeam Highlighter (3 Colors) 2.8g

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  • Highlighting powder that gives a dreamy glow: Dreambeam powder that brightens the skin adds a three-dimensional effect that makes the outline of the face look clear and completes transparent and shiny skin.
  • Real Dreambeam made with 100% vegan ingredients: A formula that completely excludes animal-derived ingredients as well as animal-tested ingredients, creating a clear glow and excellent durability.

  • 01 NATURAL BEAM : Beige beam that reflects naturally like natural skin. Long-wear highlighter that lasts until the starry night completes glossy face makeup.
  • 02 PINK BEAM : Neat pink reflection as if coated with transparent silk. Exquisite pink glow that brings transparency and vitality from any angle.
  • 03 WATER BEAM : Water-colored glow that lowers the temperature of the makeup mood. Blue highlighter with an attractive icy color. Makes facial features cooler and brighter

Use a makeup brush to gently apply to the desired area.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Lydie P.

I think the 03 water beam goes well with makeup better than expected and would be great for creating a more icy mood in the winter!

yasmine b.d.

If you sweep it over the blusher, it becomes a highlight and looks really pretty.