[LAKA] Mono Eyeshadow (26 Colors)

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The most sensuous color realm, the colorful shades collected there

20 types of matte shadows : The more you layer, the softer and deeper the texture. From sensuous base colors to practical shading colors.

#901~905 : Sensual mid-saturation and mid-lightness spectrum from gray beige to mauve, rose, and muted pink. It completes natural and sensuous shades with colors that give a modern nuance while feeling cold energy.

#906~910 : A soft-bright color spectrum that naturally fills or brightens. Creates a clean base or adds dimension to areas where it is needed and neutralizes the natural skin tone.

#911~915 : A spectrum of colorful brightness ranging from terracotta, wood, and cinnamon to deep brown. The warm energy is felt and the colors that create soft shades complete a deeper impression.

#916~920 : A vibrant high-saturation spectrum from whiteish coral color to pink and iconic red. Since the colors are sufficiently saturated, when layered 1~2 layers softly, it completes a transparent yet lively look.

6 types of glitter shadows : Pearl shadows that shimmer with pearl powder with high light reflectivity. The super-shine glitter sparkles as if it explodes coolly as soon as the light hits it as it moves.

#921~926 : Glitter with pearl particles shining clearly on a transparent background color
#921 : Nude beige base silver glitter
#922 : Vanilla base white & silver glitter
#923 : Pink base silver glitter
#924 : Brown base gold & silver glitter
#925 : Orange base champagne & silver glitter
#926 : Charcoal brown base silver glitter

Apply gently with your hands or brush.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
905 Mordenist

The color is very subtle, making it perfect for winter. It is very good as a daily shade base shadow. It's so pretty when used as a set with pearl.

Emma C.
920 Canna

I really like it! I plan to buy it again next time! It was nice that there was a free sample gift too~~

Marta c.
902 Peony

This is really my favorite item these days. It’s so pretty!!!! I also use it as a blusher.

Danielle N.
922 Snow

I was looking for a white eyeshadow with a clear pearly feel, so I found it and bought it, and I'm very satisfied 🤍
As the name Snow suggests, it only has a clear white pearl color, so it's perfect for use when you want to create a clear makeup look.
It's pretty to apply not only to the upper part of the eye, but also to the eyelid area and the outer corner of the eye.
Recommended for those looking for a clear and bright glitter shadow :)


The powder is very good, like tulle, and it is easy to smudge and color, half is pink purple and half is neutral pink, summer people and spring people should like it