[LANEIGE] Neo Essential Blurring Finish Powder 7g

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#Micro Powder #Blue Hyaluronic Acid #Zero Flaking #Compatible with Cushion
A very fine, skincare – infused powder with a soft matte finish and blurring effect
  • SOFT, MICRO-SIZED POWDER : The micro-sized fine powder blends seamlessly over all areas of skin. Apply a small amount after using Neo Cushion or Neo Foundation to achieve a light, smooth and blurred look. Effortless adherence on to bare skin, sunscreen and/or makeup.
  • LASTING FRESHNESS WITHOUT DRYNESS : Micro powder for a natural glowy look, without clumping with sweat. Powder contains pine leaf/mint extract. Blue Hyaluronic Acid helps finish the makeup without feeling dry.
  • ZERO FLAKING WITH PATENT-HELD REFILL NET : Amorepacific's first-ever patented silicon refill mesh for easy carring. The content comes out only when pressed, making it easy to adjust the amount required for one-time use.
  • SOFT TOUCH WITH DENSE, LONG VELVET PUFF : Apply a thin layer on the skin without flapping the powder.

At the final stage of makeup, apply an appropriate amount to the puff.

*CAUTION : Pressing only one side of the net, or pressing too hard may cause the powder to soar. To prevent leakage, please make sure there aren't any remaining powder left on top of the net, and close the refill lid completely after use.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Gisele d.s.

I personally liked it because the particles were very fine!
Even when applied multiple times, it feels like it just removes oil and makes you feel slightly soft.

Klaudia H.

It definitely removes excess oil from the skin.

Viktoriia H.

I like it because it has fine particles, absorbs oil well, and doesn’t dry out quickly.

Irene C.

It was easy to carry, and when oil came up on the face while walking around, it was nice that the oil would settle down if I tapped it with powder right away.
It was a bit difficult to apply evenly over a large area, so it was better to use it on oily spots rather than applying makeup.

Carolina Z.

Powders that are too dry tend to crack when used, but this one only moderately holds the oily feeling, giving a smooth finish.