[LANEIGE] Perfect Renew Retinol 15ml/30ml

$51.50 $85.00


  •  My first retinol cream that improves wrinkles and pore elasticity with 95% ultra-pure retinol and tripeptides, and even covers moisture with 5D hyaluronic acid.
  •  Mild and highly functional retinol cream : 3 benefits from 3 ingredients! Reduces wrinkle, the number of pores, and hydration with Super Pure Retinol + Tripeptide + 5D Hyaluronic Acid
  • Fragile retinol, Powerful protection against outside environment : Customers to use the product in the freshest condition along with the specially-designed 7-layer aluminum tube and the patented 3-STEP airtight container that completely blocks out light and oxygen


  1. Week 1~Week 2 - Use every other day/every day : Apply an amount the size of a rice grain on wrinkles once a day at night
  2. Week 3 - Use every day : Apply an amount the size of a bean on the entire face once a day at night.

Each person may have different effects.
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