[make p:rem] CICAPRO Soothing Sun Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ 60ml

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  • COOLING & SOOTHING - Cools down sun heated face by 5.3 Celsius degrees by one usage. Formulated with more than 70% Moisturizing Essence. This sun essence will not only keep the skin protected, but also hydrated and moisturized.
  • UVA AND UVB COVERAGE - Protection from the Sun is serious stuff. Like what we said above, this cream provides SPF 50+ PA++++, a very strong protection rating, against the sun's UV rays when used properly. Great stuff.
  • FINGER-FREE - No need to use your hands to apply. The cooling applicator will help the skin cool down and keep your fingers from being sticky-free. The curved shape, allows you to apply the product anywhere of your body with no difficulty.
  • NO WHITE CAST, STICKINESS, HEAVINESS - Goes on great, providing effective protection, without leaving behind a white sheen on the skin.
  • GREAT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Formulated and has undergone clinical trials to ensure that this product is a solid choice for almost anyone, including those with sensitive skin.

1. Hold the sun essence with the applicator facing downwards. Slightly squeeze a small amount of the sun essence from the container.
2. Massage the sun essence into your skin with the applicator in a circular motion.
3. Repeat 2-3 times for stronger UV protection.

Each person may have different effects.
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Estoy usando un protector solar de esta marca y me encanta, al querer volver a pedirlo me equivoqué, dicen que este es más hidratante así que lo estoy reservando para invierno.