[Mamonde] Blue Chamomile Cream 60ml

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#Essential Soothing Item#Essential Item for Facemask Induced Sensitivity
  • A mild cream with blue chamomile extract and hyaluronic acid effective for soothing irritated skin and relieving inner-skin dryness.
  • Containing effective calming ingredients from blue chamomile and Hyaluronic complex that penetrates deep into skin. Certified instant redness reduce test and cool down skin temperature test.
  • Hypoallergenic formula for sensitive skin : Free from animal ingredients, Polyacrylamide, Triethanolamine, Imidazolidinyl urea, PEG surfactant, Parabens and Artificial color.

Take an appropriate amount, apply it onto skin and roll with temperature of palm to get absorbed.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Love it

An update of this product. Love the smell and will buy again, even though it is expensive.

Very soothing, high quality cream

I really love this skin cream.
The primary active ingredients are hyaluronic acid and blue chamomile. I really do get a nice soothing effect from this cream, which I attribute to the chamomile.

It's a good consistency, not overly heavy, and rubs in well. There is a mild chamomile scent that I quite like.

This has become my new favorite daily cream to use, and it really does seem to keep fine lines and dryness at bay.

great facial cream

This facial cream is wonderful. It is light, absorbs well, and doesn’t feel greasy. It and makes my skin feel oh so soft, and doesn’t irritate my rosacea. The scent is really light, hardly noticeable. It comes in a tube, which I prefer over tubs of cream. It’s easier to manage, and doesn’t get contaminated like a tub of cream does by whatever you use (fingers or spatula) to scoop it out. And it takes up less space than tubs do if you are traveling.

chamomile cream

It's a decent cream that does smell nice. The texture feels like it's good quality and it moisturizes well. It is good for sensitive skin.

This cream…

This cream is one of my holy grails!