[MEDI-PEEL] Extra Super 9 Plus Active Stick 33g

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[DESCRIPTION] medipeel medi peel
  • It removes hard blackheads and dry dead skin cells to make a clean and smooth skin. It is a stick that helps more effective absorption of active ingredients and dissolving sebum by removing pores clogged with blackheads and dead skin cells.
  • The real leaves, not the artificial scrub grains, are ground with fine grinding technology for make your skin gentle and smooth. It is a patented product with full of ingredients good for making clean pores and smooth skin.
  • Grind tea tree and cica leaves help soothe skin and remove pores. It contains bottle grass/stem powder and domestic bottle grass that helps with gentle and soft exfoliating care.
  • It contains tea tree leaf powder that is finely ground with soothing scrub benefits that spreads smoothly on the skin.
  • It gives intensive moisture with an ingredient derived from birch trees that grow naturally in wetlands. It calms and protects irritated skin with seven plant-derived ingredients. It contains French patented ingredients to help with sebum care in pores and to make pores tight.

After washing your face, rub around the areas with blackheads and dead skin cells in gentle rolling motions and wipe out with lukewarm water.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Catarina m.

After using it, I can see my skin becoming clear and clean immediately.
I plan to repurchase when I run out.

April I.

Not only blackheads but also whiteheads disappeared, and my skin became really smooth.
It softens sebum and dead skin cells and at the same time shrinks pores, so I was able to see bright and glowing skin after washing my face.

Aleksandra s.

It removes all blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin cells!!!!
You can feel your pores becoming instantly cleaner.
I like pore-cleaning packs, so I've tried many of them, but I think this is the first time I've seen an effect as clear and immediate as this one.

Laurin p.

I used it every morning for a month when I woke up and washed my face. In particular, I focused on the nose area where I have a lot of blackhead trouble,
It was nice that the tea tree leaves gave a very cool cooling feeling.

Reza d.

It softened sebum and dead skin cells, and at the same time, it also took care of pore contraction, so I was able to see bright and radiant skin after washing my face.