[MEDI-PEEL] Red Lacto Collagen Wrapping Mask 70ml

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  • Incredibly working on enlarged pores, this amazing mask skillfully reduces their size and depth and smooths the surface of the skin for a flawless appearance on your face. Thanks to this product, oily shine becomes a thing of the past and sebum activity is normalized. You will be delighted by the improvement of the skin's firmness and elasticity, as well as its smooth and radiant texture. 

  • A gentle gel type. Thanks to its nourishing creamy structure, the product adheres perfectly to the skin, creating a breathable collagen membrane, allowing for easy penetration of the ingredients for maximum effectiveness. 

  • Enriched with 70.2% hydrolyzed collagen, the formula, which has a low molecular weight of 300 Da, ensures deep penetration into the epidermis, infusing the skin with moisture and youthfulness. This ingredient helps to strengthen tissues, stimulate the production of your own hyaluronic acid and reduce the appearance of age-related changes. Provides pore elasticity and radiance to vertical pores.

1. After washing your face, apply an appropriate amount to the entire face except around your eyes and mouth at the last step of skincare.
2. Dry it enough until a transparent film is formed and then remove it from the edge or rinse it with lukewarm water.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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So much love for this product! Improve with skin texture and hydration. So easy to use, when u apply it’s white color then becomes clear as it dries up. However when it peels off neither it hurts nor strip the skin. Leaves soft skin.

Isabelle H.

j'adore ce produit !
Je l'utilise une fois par semaine, il aide réellement à lisser mon visage et à lui donner de l'éclat.
Il peut vous assécher juste après avoir retiré le masque, mais il finira par rendre votre peau plus belle. Si vous pensez qu'elle est trop sèche, vous pouvez appliquer une crème légère après cela comme soin final. Je le recommande !!




This mask does as it promises, its tightens pores and cleans them as well. And it comes off gently and without any hassle. It also maks the skin soft.


I really like using this mask - especially the instant effect of it is good. It's moisturizing, smoothing and fun to take off xD I haven't seen major long-term results, but I like it enough te repurchase :D