[medicube] Centellascar Ointment 15g/30g

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Are you neglecting your sensitive skin and spot concerns? Now, soothe it with Centellasca ointment and improve it.
  • Highly concentrated cica ointment helps with quick intensive spot care.
  • Strengthens the weakened skin barrier.
  • It is a soft formula that is moist and non-sticky.

Recommended for
  • Those who are concerned about scars after skin trouble extrusion.
  • Those who want soothing care.
  • Those who need intensive spot care products.

1. The effect is better if used both day and night.
2. Can be used on all areas of concern anywhere on the face or body.
3. If you mix it with your usual basic care, it forms a protective film for more moisturizing care.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Claudia M.

Gute punktuelle Behandlung. Ich verwende es sparsam auf Stellen mit verletzter/problematischer Haut und habe das Gefühl, dass es mir geholfen hat. Es ist nur eine kleine Menge des Produkts nötig, um eine Verbesserung zu bemerken! Ich werde es wieder kaufen!