[medicube] Soyxidil Shampoo (Hair Loss Functionality) 490ml

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  • Professional Hair Care at Home! Made with soybean, a patented ingredient that nourishes hair and hair roots. #hair nourishment #root strengthening #hair spa
  • What is Soyxidil Shampoo? Made with soybean, the symbol of strong germination. Effective hair care with SoyAct! SoyAct is a patented active ingredient that nourishing hair and hair root.
  • HAIR SPA at home with 3 ingredients : Medinoxidil + Miracle Mineral + SOYACT. Reduces sebum, dead skin cells, fine dust on scalp, Reduces hair fall, Increases scalp elasticity, hair tensile strength, hair volume, Soothes scalp
  • Rich lather with mild micro bubbles : Rich foaming power with highly nutritious and highly concentrated bubbles. Enjoy a healthy scalp and a definite sense of refreshment with large, rich, highly nutritious foam.

1. While taking a shower, squeeze out Soyxidil Shampoo
2. Shampoo and massage hair for about 15 seconds
3. Wash away product with lukewarm water

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Christina. N.

This is great!!! My scalp felt clean and my hair has never been this soft after use.

Jessica M.
restoring and hypoallergenic

shamp smells great second time i buy really is fixing my hair and its actually growing healthier and faster


I am really loving this product from Medicube. I have experienced wonderful results and trust the science behind this brand.


For years I used the generic store-bought shampoos, and though it did clean my hair, if I didn't use conditioner, my hair would always be a little frizzy after blow drying. I saw and felt a big difference even after the first use that even my mom noticed too. It lathers up very easily and makes my hair feel silky and smooth that I don't even have to use a conditioner. Because it lathers so well, just one pump is enough, so one bottle lasts a long time. I love the feeling of being able to brush through my hair without very much resistance at all, both wet and dry. Already recommended to others. I cannot say enough good things about it.