[medicube] Super Cica Ampoule 40ml

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  • Upgraded with higher tea tree content and Medicube's very own 10,000ppm Super Cica 7™, this certified low-irritation ampoule can rejuvenate any sensitive, stressed or tired skin. Your best bet for smooth, controlled skin!
  • Get more out of a single product with highly concentrated centella asiatica extract (60.7%) in place of purified water. Coupled with Nano Cica Liposome System to deliver all that ampoule goodness to calm, heal and protect your skin.
  • This ampoule has undergone 5 human application tests and is certified non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and free from 26 types of allergens including artificial fragrance and pigments. Here's a little bonus, our packaging is now certified eco-friendly too!

1. After using toner, apply a dose of Super Cica Ampoule.
2. Spread evenly across the face.
3. Gently pat for better absorption.

1. Use as a quick soothing mask :
Place a soaked cotton pad on concerned area for about 5 minutes for immediate soothing effect!
2. Use it for quick relief on specific area :
Mix a few drops of Super Cica Ampoule with other moisturizers and apply it on concerned areas.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Soothing and hydrating

1. Very gentle and soothes redness
2. Moisturizing and hydrates dry skin
3. Light and absorbs well with no tackiness

It w.
Light scented

I dont usually like scented skincare but this one was very mild and I didn't mind it. I heard many benefit to Cica so I was excited to try. I have acne prone and sometimes my face is red due to breakouts. This serum helped with calming my angry red skin! I wore it under makeup without any problem. I used it twice a day and it really made a difference. I will purchase this for sure once I run out. Oh and the bottle is sooo cool! everytime you twist and close the dropper fills up. Never seen packaging like this and it's so clever!

Better H.
Super soothing

I have dry sensitive skin (especially in the winter time) and also suffer from brown spots & hyperpigmentation. This product is very soothing & I have had no adverse reactions. I love the dispenser. When you start to unscrew the top the middle pops out and you just push down the middle to disperse the serum from the beaker. This product felt a little sticky when first applied but the stickiness disappears once it dries. I am a fan of Korean Beauty products and this one doesn't disappoint.

Skin feels smooth but sticky

I applied this product once daily for a week. The product makes your skin feel cool for a while but after a while, it gives a sticky feeling after the product has dried. The product is transparent and doesn't have a smell. My skin felt soft for the entire week so it does have some effect. Did the product restore my skin as it claims to do? Not sure, I did not see any changes in my skin texture or my complexion. Overall, I liked the product but I have damaged skin so I would really want to see some quick results.

No bad scents

I like the cap that you just turn and push down to release the ampoule. The texture of this ampoule is thick, has no scent, and is not oily. It absorbs not as quickly as serum but did hydrate my skin without irritation.