[medicube] Zero One Day Exosome Shot Pore Ampoule 2000 30ml

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  • A new concept that inserts directly into pores! Go beyond the limits of home care!
  • EXOSOME? : It is a crystalline core component of cells and is an expensive, high-quality raw material used in actual professional care. It thoroughly tightens open and saggy pores.
  • Contains the powerful pore-tightening effect of aesthetics! : Reaches pores precisely and delicately with a size of 16µm, which is 13 times smaller than pores. 15 million patented exosomes with 100% purity of aesthetic professional care ingredients are inserted into pores to deliver a differentiated tightening effect.
  • You can use it with confidence even on sensitive skin! : Pore ampoule suitable for use on acne-prone skin. Completed hypoallergenic human application test, Non-Comedogenic tested.

1. After washing your face in the evening, apply an appropriate amount to your dry face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas.
*It is more effective if used in the first step of skin care.
2. Press firmly with your hand and rub the exosome shot until absorbed.

Tip! Finish by applying one-day serum and cream. You can experience high pore tightening effects.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Rachel C.
Great Alternative to Microneedling

This product surprised me and is pretty amazing. I heard people say it's just like microneedling, but in my opinion it's pretty different. It is a really good alternative though. It's more similar to the manual micro-needling rather than using a micro needle pen. At first, when I put it on I didnt think anything was happening but then after a minute it feels like thousands of tiny little knives are poking you. It doesn't hurt, maybe a little uncomfortable, but compared to an actual micro-needling pen its nothing. I'm pretty consistent with doing monthly micro-needles, especially during the fall and winter. I try to stay away from it in the summer, but I'm going to try to use this product instead for the summertime since it is less harsh. I would recommend using moisturize afterward and don't forget to always wear sunscreen too.


Mijn huid voelt zo goed aan na gebruik. Het haalde vuil en olie zo goed uit mijn poriën. Zal het opnieuw kopen.

If You Think Your Pores Look Larger Try This

Medicube Zero Exosome Shot 2,000 PPM Ampoule | Liquid Mirco-Needling | Exosome, AHA+BHA+PHA | Pore Minimizer. You will be happy to know no needles are used in this product; it is designed to mimic the results from microneedling. The pump bottle makes the product easy to dispense and I use it after cleansing. I didn't experience any irritation, but my skin is accustomed to the AHA/BHA products. This formula is listed to be suitable for all skin types. I have used this a few evenings and find my pores look more refined and my skin brighter. I believe the pore cleansing action from using this helps the products you layer over it absorb deeper and be more effective. This has patented ingredients and is another great Korean Beauty product winner.

Mei Y.

It seems to work pretty well. After a few weeks of use, I noticed some improvement of my skin texture. My dermatologist also recommends it!

Eli K.

I have been using this product a few times and the mild version started to feel less overtime, but I have seen a difference in my skin texture and minimizing my acne breakouts.