[moremo] Hair Oil Miracle 2X 100ml

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  • When used together, the Moremo Hair Oil Miracle 2X is twice as powerful, providing a solution to extremely damaged hair with 2X nourishment.
  • Those concerned about dry and brittle hair, those seeking highly concentrated nourishment care for damaged hair caused by dyeing and treatment, those seeking a non-sticky daily hair oil, and those concerned about brittle and brittle hair should use this product.
  • Experience the wonders of new beginnings every day with a product with Moremo's signature floral musk scent, and the fruity scent that begins with the sweetness of green apples leads to a rich and stable floral musk.
  • The fragrance contains citrus, floral musk, a fragrance with the characteristics of a wonderful moment, and you can experience a wide range of sensual fragrances.
  • It repairs damaged hair quickly and softly until the end, and it can be filled with oil without feeling greasy.

It is possible to replenish nutrients at any time and without becoming stuck.
Take a small amount in your hands and apply it evenly to the damaged area of your hair.
It's a non-sticky, refreshing formula that can be used before and after drying your hair.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Moremo love

I'm satisfied with how soft it is and it smells good, so I've been using Moremo for a long time.I'm looking forward to the new product

Weiyu Q.-.P.C.
oil goood

I tried the treatment and it was good.
So I bought oil too.

emily q.
smells so good

I bought it because it smells so good, but it doesn't damage my hair and makes it soft.