[MUZIGAE MANSION] Objet Liquid (20 Colors) 6ml

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This product is a liquid lip product that reminds you of a bold and modern mood.
This product comes in a blurring gel texture, providing a filter-like color and lightness.

  • 001 Barely : An apricot beige color that brightens lips and skin tone with a fresh mood
  • 002 Sequence : A tone down nude pink color suitable for all skin types
  • 003 Stranger : A luxurious and elegant Marsala Rose color with a brown hue
  • 004 Affection : A bright romantic pink color with a refreshing and lovely mood
  • 005 Stunning : A fuchsia pink color with a lively mood
  • 006 Notable : A orange brown color emphasizing elegant vibes
  • 007 Chillin : A new chilly color with a combination of red, orange and brick colors
  • 008 Dominant : A neutral under-red color with a cynical mood
  • 009 Perception : An attractive and addictive mauve burgundy color
  • 010 Undone : A brown brick color with bold and charming mood
  • 011 Poise : A pale nude base that, regardless of color, creates an elegant atmosphere
  • 012 Symbol : A chic and romantic deep rose that represents sophisticated coolness
  • 013 Appeal : A signature mauve with a hint of sensuality that creates an atmosphere unlike any other
  • 014 Tension : A tan beige with innate luxury that acts as a base to add sophistication to the lips
  • 015 Pride : An enticing and alluring pecan brown color that exudes self-assurance
  • 016 After : A mature burnt shade of fig elicited by an inquisitive sense
  • 017 Softie : A cotton candy pink full of loveliness that enhances immaculate skin
  • 018 Knockout : Light and lively magenta pink that creates trends
  • 019 Lavish : Elegant and gorgeous rosy pink that you can't get out of once you fall in
  • 020 Pleasure : Brightness that turns on the fluorescent light on the skin. An exciting coral pink that stands out everywhere

This product is a vegan-certified lip product so it is safe to use.
This product contains a complex mixed with patented ingredients, such as Backhousia Citriodora Leaf Extract, Rosa Canina Fruit, providing a fresh feeling.
This product includes a greenery signature scent, providing a dewy smell of soil.

Apply an appropriate amount on your lips, from the inner side to outward with an applicator.

Discoloration and deodorization may occur if it is continuously exposed to sunlight or stored in a high temperature and humid environment.
The contents may look a little empty as the inner shape of the container is different, but all products have a normal capacity.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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003 Stranger

The color is pretty and it lasts well. I can see why it’s so popular.


The color, the feeling of application, I really like everything.


Literally feels soft and pillowy. I sometimes get creases with some other brands of lip tint but this one looks and feels so flawless!


I love the color and lip feel but it settles into the cracks on my lips and that makes it unwearable for now, im hoping after the dry winter months it will look better because my lips won’t be so dry

Nice color!

Doesn’t stay long but loveeeee the color!! 😍😍😍