[MUZIGAE MANSION] Twist Pot Eye Palette (3 Colors) 4.5g

$26.50 $40.00


  • SOFT SILKY BLENDING: The oil binder's fantastic ratio ensures smooth and uniform coloring no matter what tool you use.

  • SEBUM CONTROL SYSTEM: Crease-free, soft expression created with porous powder that absorbs sebum and sweat.

  • 3D PEARL GLITTER EFFECT: Creates a three-dimensional and bright pearl effect by increasing the reflectivity of evenly rearranged pearls.

01 Fairy Pink: A dreamy girlcore look that shines brilliantly
02 Rich Coral: Peach look blending freshness and elegance
03 Mute Brown: Slick look with urban ash color


Apply gently to the eye area using a brush or fingers.

Each person may have different effects.
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