[NAMING] Dewy Water Skin Primer #BLURRY 35ml

$14.90 $55.00

  • Skin primer that gives you a quick hydration : Moist and fresh skin irregularities without pores, and smooth skin texture without defects
  • Water in essence texture : 84% water essence and hyaluronic acid instantly hydrates the skin and gives it a natural shiny, transparent glow.
  • Silicon Free Primer : The light texture of the silicon FREE does not block pores, providing a comfortable feeling without feeling stuffy, and creates a light and refreshing finish.
  • Blurry Filter Effect : It fills the pores and irregularities as if they were blurred on the skin to make the skin smooth.
  • It adheres evenly without getting excited and keeps the makeup on for a long time without collapsing.

1. Shake lightly before using and press the middle of the container to use.
2. Take an appropriate amount during the makeup base step and correct it by filling in the pores and irregularities.
3. When modifying makeup, gently wipe with a small amount of primer and cleanse the skin texture.

Each person may have different effects.
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