[Nature Republic] Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack 200ml

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  • Silky and shiny hair with argan oil : It contains france argan oil 470mg. It provides rich nutirition such as vitamin A, vitamin E,omega 6 fatty acid, and linolenic acid to our rough skin to be elastic and moist.
  • This nourishing hair pack provides intensive care to severely damaged hair. The ingredients of argan oil, rosehip oil and evening primrose oil make the hair texture look healthy and radiant by providing it with moisture and nourishment.
  • Argan oil effects : It helps our skin and hair to be satiny, moisturized, nourished, relieved, and elastic. Therefore, it is suitable for them that are rough and damaged by external stimuli and pollutants especally in the winter.
  • So, it is skin-friendly and highly absorbent that it doesn't leave any stickiness and oiliness and prevent dryness. And, it protects our hair and scalp from harmful environments. Its lipids are similar to those of humans and remove dead skin cells.

After shampooing, towel-dry your hair and dispense an adequate amount onto the palm. Evenly apply on hair, starting from the mid-section to the end of the hair. Wrap hair with a hair cap or a towel and gently massage. Leave the pack on for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Regular usage of once a week is recommended for the best results.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Nani L.
So Soft!

I am a mixed girl with mixed girl problems. There are not a lot of products that can tame my curly mane, so I was nicely surprised with this product. It has a pleasant scent without being overpowering, I can use it as a leave in, deep condition, or shower conditioner. I am consistently asking people to touch my hair because I am so proud of how soft it is.

Please be aware that again I am mixed with black and Mexican, so I do not have a universal hair type. I have sections of tight curls and sections of loose curls. What I really like about this product is that it helped with my frizzy fly-aways when I use it as a leave in. That's half the battle right there!I will definitely buy again!

I really liked this product

I really liked this product! I have dark brown (not quite black) asian hair. I had just gone through about 6 rounds of bleaching in a course of about 3 months (just the bottom half for ombre). Plus I then dyed my hair pink. At the end of all this the ends of my hair were thin, dry and extremely brittle. I'm talking split ends and tangles galore!

I washed my hair and towel dried while I dressed, then slathered this on and put a shower cap on for about 30 mins (directions say 15 mins) then just rinsed it out with lukewarm water. For some extra protection I rubbed some organic argan oil into my hair too.

This product saved my hair from more breakage and left it soft and at least brushable without breaking more. Which to me is pretty freakin awesome considering the process my hair went through. And this was only after 1 time. It's not supposed to be daily use but going to use this every other day. Also the price! awesome! And plenty of product.

Also, I didn't notice any chemical/bad smells. To me it smelled really mildly of argan oil and it doesn't stick around after rinsing.

Tera R.B.
I recently fried my hair a little with a bad dye job

I recently fried my hair a little with a bad dye job, it was't extreme but enough where my professional conditioners weren't even cutting it. So after using amazing skin care products through this company I gave this a try. One, the smell is just amazing. I barely needed any of the product and I have pretty long and thick hair. You could feel it working as soon as it touched my hair. I don't know what it is about their products but they are just amazing. I wasn't sure if an argan product would be too heavy for my hair but it wasn't. The other reviews all say how amazing their hair looks and I have to agree. What I love most is this was under 12.00 and it is going to last a very long time. I probably used a quarter sized dollop in my hand and worked it through after washing it then just threw it up in a towel for 15 minutes until I rinsed. It feels so silky! I am such a fan of this company, the scents are so amazing, your hair and skin feel like a million bucks too. Well worth the try. I just want to add that after blow drying, your hair is so light, fluffy, silky and shiny. Not weighed down at all!

It’s okay

It’s a good product