[Nature Republic] Herbology Chamomile Pure Oil 20ml

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  • A hypoallergenic oil made with chamomile extract and 5 herbal ingredients grown in the optimal environment in a smart farm that helps skin health. Can be used on the face and body. Vegan certificated by the Italy V-Label.
  • Herbology Chamomile Pure Oil is a soothing oil that soothes sensitive skin. The oil contains chamomile which helps relieve tension in the body and mind and has excellent antibacterial effects. Soothing oil that soothes sensitive skin. Use this oil as a face oil for severe dryness.
  • Raw ingredients were extracted using the Oil Infusion Technique. The infusion technique is a method to extract as much as possible without destroying the efficacy, structure, and fragrance of the ingredients. Because you extract fat-soluble active ingredients by soaking herbs in vegetable oil, the base oil itself has additional effects such as moisturizing and nourishment for the skin!

Take an appropriate amount and gently massage the entire face and body until fully absorbed.

Each person may have different effects.
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