[NEEDLY] Cross Barrier Mask Pack 350g 30EA

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  • Intensive moisturizing care with just one sheet! Opens the skin's moisture channels and provides long-lasting moisturization.
  • Needly’s proprietary barrier care technology. Cross barrier complex filled with horizontal and vertical double moisturizing
  • Reduce skin irritation with 100% plant-based sheet. Fluffy sheet filled with light milky essence.
  • Adheres to the skin and moisturizes tightly without lifting and finishes without stickiness.
  • Zero stuffiness due to excellent breathability

1. Open the cap and take out one mask pack using the built-in tongs.
2. Attach the mask sheet according to the curve of the skin and leave it on for 10-20 minutes.
3. Remove the mask pack,
Lightly tap the remaining essence to absorb it.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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There is a lot of essence, so it needs to be absorbed for a long time even after using the pack. great.

Demi F.
Love these, amazing texture and super moisturizing

I have super acne prone skin, so I am often weary when trying new products but I have had no trouble incorporating these into my routine. I utilize these masks when I notice my skin is looking or feeling a little dehydrated.

I love the packaging, super convenient and comes with tweezers. The masks feel soft and most importantly they provide hydration without irritating my skin! Will definitely be repurchasing.


There is no irritation to the skin and the moisture lasts for a long time.