[NEEDLY] Vita C Glow Toning Ampoule 30ml

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Vita-C toning ampoule with powerful vital energy that brightens the complexion of tired skin

A mild whitening ampoule containing the freshness of fruit juice, which adds nutrition, moisture, and vitality to parched skin to make it soft and smooth.

Triple hyaluronic acid, which contains the freshness of nature, forms a moisture film more moistly and provides a triple care of moisturizing, blemishes, and whitening tone-up.

  • Refreshing energy of the cooling method that minimizes the loss of nutrients that are vulnerable to heat.
  • A whitening blemish ampoule with a watery formulation containing triple hyaluronic acid that gently covers the skin.
  • A mild toning ampoule that enhances the delivery of high-moisture and high-nutrition with a liposome base similar to the skin.
  • A clear and transparent whitening ampoule that is light but nutritious and has a soft and cozy feeling.
  • After 2 weeks of use, it helps to improve the number of spots and blemishes visible to the naked eye and improve skin tone.

The refreshing and gentle hypoallergenic formula enables moisturizing, whitening, and blemish care all at once, and the rich moisture leaves the skin moist and fresh.

In the next step of toner (or pad), take an appropriate amount with a pipette, spread evenly over the entire face and let it absorb.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Wendy t.

Helped with improving skin tone, moisturizing, whitening, and blemish care.

Amy W.

It's great because you can use it lightly in the morning, afternoon, and night!

Lauren W.

It applies well and has a subtle scent. I plan to use it regularly.

Kenovy R.

I love it’