[numbuzin] No.5 Vitamin Concentrated Serum 30ml

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  • An intensive Vitamin ampoule that brightens skin and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Revitalize dull skin with this serum packed with antioxidant-rich vitamins to help restore skin’s natural glow. 
  • It is an antioxidant formula that adds vitamins to glutathione, and it is a total trace ampoule that takes care of all the places where the stimulus has passed. The interaction of antioxidants more effectively cares for the spot left by the stimulus.
  • Contains brightening agents, offer a major radiance boost,  evens your skin tone and moisturize your skin for a healthy complexion.

  • Plant extracts from sugarcane, turmeric root and mushroom minimize irritation.

Take an appropriate amount and spread it out gently according to the skin texture.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Olga B.

Ich habe auf TikTok magische Bewertungen gehört. Es enthält den wirksamsten Inhaltsstoff zur Hemmung der Melaninproduktion (? glaube ich?:?) und funktioniert sehr gut! Habe es 2 Wochen lang auf Aknenarben aufgetragen und sie sind definitiv verblasst!

Siebenschuch v.

J'ai attendu si longtemps pour celui-ci ! Un produit génial et un emballage incroyable ! Flacon en verre foncé, tout dans cette marque est tout simplement incroyable. Je reviendrai après un certain temps pour partager mes résultats !

this is a must have for dull skin !!

I have been using this eye cream for a few daaI bought it after watching a YouTuber recommending it.

after using it for 1month (every morning), i could say that it is very effective for brightening my dull skin. it's the 4%tranexamic acid that does the job! personally, it's much more effective than most vitamin c serum that I used before.

texture: not sticky/oily after application

Absorbed into the under eye area well. I will continue to use it to improve my dark circles under my eyes as well as wrinkles. Highly recommended!!!


I got this because my favorite YouTuber Arang recommended it. Although I was skeptical at first but this product performs better than I expected. It is not sticky, and can be quickly absorbed to the skin.


Realmente es ligero, fácil de aplicar y siento que me funciona muy bien :)