[ONE THING] Modeling Mask (3 Types) 30g*7EA

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This Modeling Pack Set comes with : Mask 30g x 7 pcs

Types :
- Collagen
- Houttuynia Cordata
- Hyaluronic Acid

Benefits :
This mask features strong adhesion that allows active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin for nourishment while containing Diatomite to remove impurities and dead skin cells, leaving a moisturized and fresh skin.
Quickly soothes irritated skin.
Skin irritation test completed.
A hypoallergenic product formulated without fragrance and allergens.

1. Cleanse and the tone the skin. You can also apply essence for better result.
2. With the ratio of 1:1, mix 2 spoons of powder and water using the enclosed measuring cup. Apply a thick layer over the face.
3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and take it off. To remove any residues left on the face, either use a wet cotton pad or rinse off with water.
4. Apply moisturizer of your choice.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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cooling and firming collagen modeling mask that is easy to work with. I use one scoop (included) which is about half a pack and ~2/3 scoop water for a full face mask. I recommend using less water to start and adding more to get the consistency you want, otherwise it can get too watery. Work quickly once you add water since it will begin to gel and once it does, adding water will not return it to a liquid form , it will just become lumpy. Note that it doesn't come with a bowl or spatula, just the product and a measuring scoop. but One Thing does sell their own brand of spatula/bowl or you can use whatever works really. Overall my skin feels soft and supple after the mask and Im satisfied with the results just using it ~ once a week to treat myself. For a first time modeling mask, I enjoyed this product and recommend for anyone who wants to give it a try

Modelling Masks are a game changer!

I purchased the Houttuynia Cordata modeling pack, and I am obsessed! I love how soothing and smooth it feels on my skin while applying it, and after I remove it my skin feels super soft and calmed. It is also so much fun mixing the mask, and it is really easy! I also find that one pack gives me about 2.5 applications, so you get a lot of uses!

Betha L.