[papa recipe] Tea Tree Control Mild Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA++++ 50ml

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#Tone up #Sensitive skin #Soothing
Reflects UV rays to form a protective layer on the surface of the skin and keeps sensitive skin mild.
You can finish your skin with a single sunscreen that protects your skin from UV rays and naturally brightens your skin tone.
Tea tree leaves and bottled extract that help calm down add soothing to the irritated skin.

  • PAPA RECIPE Tea Tree Control Mild Sun Cream for UV protection as well as tone-up
  • You can use it with confidence even for sensitive acne skin.
  • Soothing Physical Sunscreen with Tea Tree and Cica ingredients
  • Eco-friendly, Reef Safe, package for sustainability
  • EWG Green Rating

- Those who are sensitive to skin irritation and are looking for a physical sunscreen that will protect them gently
- Those with sensitive skin that needs UV protection and soothing care at the same time

01. Apply sunscreen with two index fingers at the last step of skincare or 30 minutes before going out.
02. Apply it evenly not only on the face but also on the body that is easily exposed to ultraviolet rays.
*It's good to apply it on your nose or forehead, which is easily exposed to UV rays during outdoor activities.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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I like that it adheres well without being sticky or greasy.

Jessica p.

It's very good with moderate moisture and mild feeling that is not irritating.


I really liked it because it's a sticky formula that doesn't drip.
It is a product that can tone up, so it is a product that can be applied as a base.


I've been loving this brand's sunscreens for a long time. This also did not disappoint me. Will repurchase!