[primera] Alpine Berry Watery Cream 50ml

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  • A delicately-dewy cream that sinks in instantly while providing lasting hydration and nourishment.
  • This skin-softening cream formulated with a proprietary Alpine Berry Complex™ absorbs quickly, offering lasting moisture and nourishment without feeling the least bit greasy. Alpine Berry Complex™, a potent blend of wild strawberry sprouts with natural moisturizing factors known to survive in the harsh Alpine region and antioxidant-rich blackberries, delivers intense hydration and radiance, while helping protect skin against environmental factors.
  • Primera has used eco-friendly packaging. The paper box is made from 100% sugarcane residue. Also for sustainability they used uncoated glass bottle, easy-removable label, recycled plastic cap.

Take an adequate amount and apply evenly along the skin texture and gently pat for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Hanbit P.
Great moisturizer!

One of my favorite moisturizing cream. I have super dry skin but I don't like thick creams that feels too heavy on mu skin. This feels super light but super moist. Love this!!

Very good cream

One of the best creams I have ever used , noticed the difference the next day, hydrated and plumps skin !

Edmund L.
Love it

My absolute favorite helps calm my skin from break outside when I use a toner first...

So gooood

My favorite cream! I have been used it for more than 5 years. Whenever I try other creams, I come back to this one.

Great moisturizer for sensitive skin.

I purchased the cream after seeing many great reviews about it on numerous Korean blogs. I have been using this for over a month and I really like it! I have very sensitive, acne prone, combination skin and it works well with my skin. I was afraid at first thinking it might be too heavy on my skin but it is actually lightweight and very moisturizing. I thinm the cream would be suitable for all skin types. It has aloe vera leaf in it, which helps calm down my hormonal acne. Primera is a great company especially for those with sensitive skin.