[primera] Organience Barrier Repair Calming Essence Toner 160ml

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  • Barrier repair 65.8% toner that solves recurring skin problems with deep and wide barrier care of emulsion blending
  • The synergy of Seed Peptide + Phyto Biotics with pure high-content plant protein completes the healthiest skin barrier condition.
  • The secret to quicker moisturizing and barrier care Calming Active™ : The complex of potassium licorice, madecassoside, and allantoin quickly solves skin problems, provides a quicker moisturizing effect, and completes barrier care.
  • It creates a healthy skin barrier environment with a slightly acidic pH, which is the ideal skin condition. It protects the skin from harmful external environments such as dryness and physical irritation and helps to improve the skin barrier by completing a solid stratum corneum.
  • Intense moisturizing from the two-layer formulation of emulsion blending : The buttery emulsion blending two-layer formulation, which contains both the smooth application of emulsion and the non-sticky moist finish of water toner, is gently absorbed into the skin and maintains the oil-moisture balance for a long time.
  • Deeper moisturizing with Cera-luronic Liposome™ technology : The core active ingredients, phyto-hyaluronic acid and ceramide, are wrapped in liposome technology with a phospholipid structure and delivered deep into the skin.

Please use it in the first step after washing your face without applying anything.
1. Shake well to mix the two layers into one before use.
2. Take an appropriate amount on the palm or cotton pad, apply gently on the face, and tap lightly to absorb.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Ji-Hyun L.

It’s very cooling and calming! Absorbs quickly without leaving sticky residue, but feels very moisturizing at the same time. One thing bad (?) about it is that you have to shake it before using it bc sometimes I forget to shake it.